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Committees are compulsory. They are a guarantee of the smooth running of the hospital and give doctors the opportunity to get involved in the management of the establishment.

CME: Conférence Médicale d'Etablissement (medical conference)

This is a forum for consultation and suggestions between doctors and hospital management.

Whether its role is consultative, participative or informative, the CME :

  • participates in defining strategic medical orientations and various internal policies
  • takes part in discussions on investments in equipment and in drawing up internal organisational regulations
  • ensures that the medical staff are involved in the clinic's activities by participating in the various committees and commissions

CLIN: Nosocomial Infection Control Committee

Assisted by an Operational Hygiene Team (EOH) per site, the CLIN's mission is to :

  • coordinate the prevention, reporting and monitoring of nosocomial infections
  • draw up protocols and procedures relating to care and hygiene
  • participate in hygiene training for professionals
  • carry out evaluations

CLUD: Pain Management Committee

The CLUD is responsible for :

  • define pain control policy
  • periodically evaluate actions to combat pain, the results of which are used for subsequent action programmes
  • implement pain relief measures
  • define information and training initiatives for all professionals
  • set up internal or external communication initiatives

CLAN: Food and Nutrition Liaison Committee

The CLAN is responsible for organising and preventing risks related to the preparation and distribution of meals and any other nutritional risks.

It is a consultative body whose opinions and advice help to :

  • improving nutritional care for patients
  • improving the quality of all food and nutrition services
  • initiating actions tailored to the establishment, designed to resolve problems relating to food and/or nutrition.

COMEDIMS: Comité du Médicament et des Dispositifs Médicaux Stériles (Sterile Drugs and Medical Devices Committee)

Under the responsibility of the establishment's pharmacists, the COMEDIMS is responsible for :

  • participate in defining the establishment's policy on medicines and sterile medical devices
  • draw up the list of medicines and sterile medical devices chosen by the establishment (therapeutic booklet)
  • draw up procedures and recommendations for prescribing, proper use of medicines and use of medical devices
  • combat iatrogenic diseases caused by medicines or medical devices
  • issue recommendations on medicines and the use of medical devices, based on assessments carried out by care teams.

CRIVI: Vigilance and Risk Management Committee

CRIVI's remit is to :

  • draw up and implement a risk management programme
  • coordinate all health monitoring activities
  • analyse the results of reports of undesirable events
  • prioritise and draw up action plans.

CDU: Users' Committee

The Users' Commission (CDU) ensures that the rights of users are respected and facilitates their procedures. This Commission was created by decree no. 2016-726 of 1 June 2016.

Its missions:

  • Ensure that users' rights are respected,
  • Contribute to improving the reception of patients and their families,
  • Contribute to improving the quality of care,
  • Facilitating the steps taken by users and ensuring that they express their grievances to the establishment's management, that they hear the latter's explanations and are informed of the outcome of their requests.

The regulations and the list of members of the CDU are displayed in the clinic.

Two user representatives are members. The roles and rights of the user representative are detailed in a Ministry information sheet.


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