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Assessments & Indicators

Since 2008, the HAS has been developing and extending the collection of data and information from all healthcare establishments. These indicators provide a picture of the level of quality and safety of care achieved by each establishment and enable national comparisons to be made.

These indicators relate to

The proper keeping of patient records which reflects the quality and coordination of care as part of a multi-professional and multi-disciplinary approach (IPAQSS)

The results of actions to combat nosocomial infections undertaken by the hospital and presented in the nosocomial infection scorecard.

These indicators are made public and available to users on the HAS website: Qualiscope


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Our CSR approach is transversal, operational and aims to be as close as possible to the field.
Organ Donation

Organ and Blood Donations

More than 14400 patients who need an organ transplant every year. The main obstacle to transplantation is the persistent lack of available organs.