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Your discharge

Discharge arrangements

With the agreement of the department's doctor, your discharge will be prepared in consultation with you and your family to ensure that you return home under the best possible conditions.
If necessary, a social worker is available to help you.
When you are discharged, the doctor will decide how you should be transported, depending on your state of health.
You must go through the admissions office, where you will be given various documents as required.
When you are discharged, you must also withdraw the money and valuables deposited in the hospital safe on admission.

If you leave the clinic against medical advice, you must sign a discharge form stating that you have been informed of the risks involved and releasing the establishment from any liability.
In addition, you will have to pay for your own transport.

Documents that may be given to you on discharge:

  • Medical discharge prescription
  • Order for biological samples
  • Prescription for medical equipment
  • Prescription for paramedical or nursing care
  • Transport voucher
  • Liaison form
  • Situation report
  • Accommodation certificate
  • Administrative form
  • Advice from the dietician (if you wish)
  • Telephone bill
  • Invoice for your daily rate and the supplement for a private room (if your health insurance company does not agree to cover it).
  • Invoice for your accompanying persons' meals.

Permission to leave the hospital

During your stay in hospital, you may be granted a 48-hour discharge (2 days / 1 night). During this leave, you are asked not to:
► Obtain any medicines from the local pharmacies.
► Have recourse to paramedical interventions (physiotherapist, nurse, etc.).
Thank you for your understanding.

Your opinion is important to us

You will be given a satisfaction questionnaire during your stay at the Clinique de Toga.
In order to improve our services, we would be grateful if you could fill it in before you leave and leave it in the letterbox provided at the bottom of the stairs.
The questionnaire is anonymous, but you can choose to give us your contact details. It covers all aspects of your care and stay at our clinic.
Every year, each questionnaire is studied to assess your satisfaction and enable us to improve.

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