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Your stay

Your room

The clinic has private and double rooms. If you would like a private room, please let us know. A supplement will be charged. Your request will be dealt with as quickly as possible in view of the number of private rooms available.
During your stay, it may be necessary for you to change rooms. We apologise for this in advance.


The menus drawn up by a dietician follow the principles of healthy eating and comply with prescribed diets. Meals are prepared on the premises according to dietary requirements, eating habits and tastes.
Family members or friends who are visiting you can have a meal on the premises (order the tray on the day before 10am; payment in advance or the meal will be billed to the patient).

- Breakfast: 7.30 am in the room
- Lunch: 12 noon in the room and
12.15pm in the dining room
- Dinner: 6.15pm in your room

The telephone

Each room has a telephone line that allows you to make and receive calls directly. When you leave, you must pay the line connection and call charges.


Television is available in all rooms and is free of charge. A TV room is also available on the ground floor (next to the dining room), a warm and friendly place.


Free internet access is available via a Wi-Fi network. To take advantage of this, you must request it from reception, who will provide you with connection details.
The Toga clinic also has a computer room on the ground floor, next to the dining room, where you can use a computer.


Drinks and snacks are available from vending machines on the ground floor (entrance hall and dining room).

Foreign languages

If you have difficulty understanding the French language, the ward staff will endeavour to find interpreters to help you. In addition, the inpatient charter is available in several languages at the reception desk.

Respect for beliefs and convictions

If you so request, a religious representative may visit you.


The Clinique de Toga has a library, a quiet, relaxing place where you can find a wide range of books. This service, which is entirely free and open to all, is located on the ground floor, near the dining room.

Rehabilitation room

A team of physiotherapists is on hand to provide re-education and/or functional rehabilitation adapted to your pathologies and to optimise your chances of functional recovery. Re-education sessions are organised in the mornings and afternoons with physiotherapists in the room on the ground floor, which includes all the equipment needed for your rehabilitation.

Sophrology room

During your stay, you will be offered relaxation therapy sessions.
These will help you relax through breathing exercises and thought management.

Your family and friends

At your request, a relative can stay with you (in a single room). In addition to the TV room on the ground floor, there is a relaxation room on the second floor for families on the medical ward. It includes a dining area with a fridge and microwave, a television and a sofa.


Visitor parking is available opposite the clinic.
Please respect the opening hours so as not to disrupt the operation of the clinic. For hygiene reasons, we recommend that visitors do not sit on the beds.
Except for specific services, visits are authorised from 11am to 8pm.


To respect everyone's rest, we ask you to be as discreet as possible between 10pm and 7am (turn down your television).

Tobacco and alcohol

In accordance with decree no. 2006-1386 of 15 November 2006, smoking is strictly prohibited inside the clinic.
You may smoke outside on the terrace.
The introduction and consumption of alcohol is prohibited.


For reasons of hygiene, pets are not allowed in the clinic.

Patients with prostheses

Please tell the nursing staff as soon as you arrive on the ward that you wear one or more removable prostheses (dental, hearing or other).
Remember to bring a case marked with your first and last names for your stay and place your prosthesis in its case on the bedside table.
In the event of loss, the establishment will only be liable for prostheses returned to the nursing staff in their specific case.


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